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Red Pepper Group is a full service marketing agency and video production company.
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Improve Your Web Presence With Video

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Improve Your Web Presence With Video

Improve your web presence with video. Searches are informational, navigational, or transactional, as searchers want to learn, go, or do. Homepage videos can immediately address one of these key needs: to learn. Videos can educate visitors about products or services and provide valuable information. Videos are also easy to share, creating even more inbound links to your website. By solving a key search query problem and increasing organic inbound links, videos meet two of the top criteria for ranking highly on Google.

Use video to create relationships with potential clients before a face-to-face meeting. While white papers and blog articles are effective content marketing tools, they can’t capture the same passion for a product or service the way a video can. Great video production will convey these emotions more effectively than text alone. Home page videos can introduce team members and highlight new products. These videos give prospective customers a personal look at why a product or service is so popular, why employees love working for a company, or what new features to expect from a new product, building excitement and enthusiasm before a face-to-face meeting.

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